Want to sell your Maine property? There are three keys to success: Pricing, Marketing, and Picking the Right Agency and Realtor.


Price too high and it can years to sell your property, and you'll almost certainly get less than your original asking price. Price right
and there's a good chance you'll ignite a bidding war among buyers and get more than you expected.

Pricing right isn't rocket science, but it takes experience and some hard work. In this market, our professional market analysis takes at
least 4-6 hours. We inspect the property; review the deed and Town records; search the MLS for recently sold comparable properties. This
comparable search is what really takes skill because no two properties are alike in our market. For example, a house sited on a subdivision
lot is worth much more than the same house on a busy highway. Similarly, a deepwater shorefront house is worth far more than the
same house on tidal frontage. There are a dozen different neighborhoods in Bar Harbor village alone, property in each worth more
or less than another.

Lastly, we compare the features of each of the sold properties to those of your property. A little massaging, a dash of know-how, a
pinch of been there, seen that, and--voila!-- we come up with the price range within which your property should sell sooner rather than

Here's what we don't do: We don't list your property at a price that's not supported by our research. It doesn't matter to us that five heirs
each have to net $50,000. It doesn't matter that you need to sell for "x" so you can afford to buy "y". It doesn't matter that your
brother-in-law thinks you need to list $20,000 over market so you have "room to negotiate." It doesn't matter that you "just know" your
property's worth $100,000 more than your neighbor's. We've heard every excuse under the sun. None has ever convinced that pricing too high is a good idea, or in anybody's best interest.

Our pledge to you: If we don't believe we can sell it for the price you want, we won't list it. No hard feelings--we just don't want to
waste your time or ours. If you've got years to wait for the market finally to come up to your price or the proverbial (and very rare!)
sucker to come along, we wish you all the luck in the world. On the other hand, if you want your money soon so you can get on with your
life, you've come to the right agency.


Admittedly, a lot of selling real estate is being at the right place, at the right time, with the right property, priced right. Mostly it's
listening hard to what buyers say they want and watching them react to properties--sooner or later the tumblers click into place and you
mentally match them to just the right property.

But first we've got to get buyers to come to us so we can work our magic. Far more importantly, we've got to get buyers looking for
property with our Realtor colleagues, and those brokers themselves, to notice our listings, to pay attention to your property.

  1. We’ve got the best sign in the business!

    Time and again, National Association of Realtors’ research has confirmed that the majority of inquiries about property come from people noticing real estate signs. God bless Karen Zimmermann of Z Studio, who 15 years ago designed our almost legendary Mike-with-an-exclamation-point real estate sign. Whether it’s the bold colors or the bold typefaces, you can’t miss the MIKE! sign in front of a property for sale. It’s always fun at parties and MDI gatherings when, introduced to Mike, old ladies and young children throw up their arms and shout, “MIKE!”

    Celebrities “Got milk!” Want to sell your house? Get MIKE!
  2. We’ve got the best ads in the business!

    Remember the ad when MIKE! took a chainsaw to that deck? The one when he shot his Cadillac? The story about the house with the turret that was like a castle? It’s way too easy to look past the same old/same old newspaper ads. MIKE! will do just about anything to grab readers’ attention and get them to think twice about your house.
  3. We’ve got the best broker alert system in the business!

    Only the very best brokers intuitively match their buyers to specific properties. For everybody else, there’s MIKE!FLASH. We e-mail every broker mini-ads highlighting one benefit of one property. MIKE!FLASH isn’t fancy: just a color photo, bold headline ($3000 APPLIANCE ALLOWANCE), 2-3 catchy sentences, contact info. What’s different? The broker gets the entire MIKE!FLASH message at a glance, without having to scroll down, click on attachments, sort through useless information, etc. The MIKE!FLASH get attention, not deleted.


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